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Dried Fruits & Snacks
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Dried Fruits & Snacks

The product category:

The widespread growing popularity of healthy snacks and dried fruits with health-conscious consumers is having a big impact on packaging. Nearly half of the dried fruits sold are raisins, dates,  prunes,  figs,  apricots,  peaches,  apples  and pears. These are referred to as “conventional” or “traditional” dried fruits: fruits that have been dried in the sun or in heated tunnel dryers. Many fruits such as cranberries,  blueberries, cherries, strawberries and mango are infused with a sweetener (e.g. sucrose syrup) prior to drying. Some products sold as dried fruit, like papaya, kiwi fruit and pineapple are most often candied fruit.

Types of Machines used:

Depending on your product and its requirements, the best option could be vertical or flow-pack packaging machines as well as tray sealers with the proper dosing system. As these products are made of rather “big” units (in contrast with nuts or legumes for example), a Multi Head combinatory scale is necessary in most cases. Also, as these products are usually sticky, machine surfaces must be notched or even Teflon coated.

Package type used:

The packaging of the specific category is mostly done using pillow, flat-bottomed bags, but also bags with sealed edges or rounded headers. Flowpack envelops are also used, whether they include a tray or not.

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