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Bags for Agricultural products Shelf-life Extension
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Bags for Agricultural products Shelf-life Extension

Shelf-life Extension Bags for Fruits and Vegetables – Films (Sira Flex Resolve):


Our partner Sirane offers significant shelf-life extension of agricultural products with the technologically advanced Sira Flex Resolve material:

> Not plastic. It is an 100% natural bio-polymer, fully compostable.

> As plant respiration continues to take place inside the package, the permeable material of Sira Flex Resolve optimizes the atmospheric conditions inside the pack to prolong freshness and enhance quality, taste and texture of the goods:

  • Keeps oxygen to balanced levels and helps suppression of microbial growth (which leads to bad odor and even dangerous micro-organisms).
  • Enables the exhaustion of carbon dioxide from the pack, preventing acidic (sour) taste.
  • Releases moisture, preventing condensation (fogging) into the package and wetting of the products.
  • Releases ethylene. Fruits and vegetables do not premature/ decay.

> For use under ambient and chilling temperatures.

> Can be printed.

> Recommended mainly for Climacteric but also for Non-climacteric fruits and vegetables, with some –not many- exclusions.

> Available in bags and film reels – including reels for use on flow-pack and vertical packaging machines. Retail packs also available.

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