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Automatic thermo-sealing machine

General Features:

Tray sealing machine BS 52 allows reliable and safe packaging results and a high productivity at the same time. Kinematic speed: 12 cycles/ minute. The control is equipped with a touch screen, thus it is easy to operate and allows a big variety of settings.


> Sealing tools in single, double and triple versions.

> Easy and fast change of sealing tools.

> Made of stainless steel AISI 304 and Peraluman aluminium.

> Protection degree IP55.


> Pre-printed foil is automatically recognized and correctly positioned.

> Tray presence check on loading plane with automatic start of the sealing process.

> Seal foil spool hygienically protected during loading and passage.

> Automatic feeding and rest foil collector device.


> Machine operated by Siemens touch screen panel and PLC.

> Automatic temperature regulation of the sealing plate.

> Different programs and tray depths to choose from.

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