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OnSeal Semi-Auto Rotary
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Semi-automatic sealing machine

Semi-automatic sealing machine with contour film cutting and MAP ready. Designed and manufactured by Kapelis Packaging.

Stainless steel construction with MAP option. Sealing, MAP and film rewinding operations are performed automatically. It offers solution regarding a wide range of tray sealing packaging operations, for: fresh or frozen meat and fish, fresh agricultural products, bakery products & sweets, ready meals, dry nuts, dairy products etc.

General Features:

>Full inox, robust construction.

>On platform, easy to move.

>UNITRONICS PLC with large screen.

>Easy to operate.

>3 point temperature control.

>PID controllers for precise temperature control.

>Event log.

>Energy saving condition, screen saving feature.

>MAP packaging option.

>Custom mould on order.

>Optional in-built pusher, for easy tray unloading.

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