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Olives & Oil

The product category:

Olives and oil products, as many other products, reply on packaging for product stability, maintaining high quality level and also value added, if carried out properly.

Packaging can directly influence olive oil quality by protecting the product from both oxygen and light. The shelf life of the oils exposed to intense artificial light and diffused daylight is shorter than that of oils kept in the dark. Moreover, the storage temperature, the use of nitrogen atmosphere and the reduction of the oxygen in the headspace volume can appreciably control quality changes during storage time.

Types of Machines used:

Depending on your product and its requirements, we at Kapelis Packaging will help you choose the most effective packaging machine to satisfy your needs. For olive & oil, vertical machines, stick machines or doypack machines and tray sealers are the most appropriate types to use, along with thermoforming, vacuum machines, or filling lines.


Package type used:

The packaging of the specific category is mostly done using stick bags, pillow bags, flat-bottomed or sachet bags, bags with sealed edges, but also doypack-type and thermo-sealing bags. Bag with a header, trays and/or cups, jerrycans, glass vases and/or vacuum bag are also used in the industry.

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