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Sira-Cook ovenable film (in premade bags or reels):

  • Suitable for baking in a household oven or microwaves up to 2000C
  • Also suitable also for freezing temperatures
  • Automatic (mild) venting during baking
  • Food can be baked directly from the freezer or room temperature at the same package
  • Food’s taste and aroma is preserved while the kitchen is free from odor!
  • Thermo-sealable
  • One side, heat resistant, high quality print is possible for branding, baking instructions, etc.
  • Also available in reel form, suitable for vertical or horizontal flowpack machines
  • Available a variety of colors and dimensions
  • High barrier version for MAP applications

Other options:

  • Self-seal bags with a self-adhesive tape
  • Venting point: although the material opens automatically during baking, an extra venting point can be added for an earlier, more controllable venting. Can be placed on every point of the bag on order.
  • Bags with one side made of Aluminum, suitable for BBQ or home-made smoked meat or fish!
  • Stand-up ovenable bags for a better presentation

Sira-Cook Siralon ovenable film (in premade bags or reels) up to 2200C:

  • Material resistant to oils and fats, prevents odors release
  • Suitable for bigger, heavier, harder products than Sira-Cook
  • Pack, distribute, merchandise and cook in the same package
  • In three available types (Siralon 10, Siralon 21, Siralon.12).
  • Also available in reel form (except Siralon 12, suitable for vertical or horizontal flowpack machines
  • good seals
  • Good barrier, also suitable for vacuum applications
  • Printable

Sira–Cook Smart–Release: microwave (only) dual compartmented cooking bag

  • Steam cook bag with two compartments
  • Food and sauce kept separate until midway through the cooking process (valve opens only during cooking)
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