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Packaging with “Shrink Packaging / Shrinking Film” is the packaging operation applied directly on a product or wrapping around of a product already wrapped with another technique with plastic films. Although this process is commonly referred to as “Shrink Wrapping”, some sources call this “Polywrapping” which is just wrapping it around the product without using the heat application.

Shrink Film used for packaging purposes shrinks with the help of heat and takes the form of the product it is wrapping.

A Shrink Machine operates in a two-stage process. At the first stage, the plastic film is seam welded around the product by means of an L-sealer, creating loose envelope around it. At the second stage, the envelope passes through a heated tunnel and shrinks tightly around the product. At one stage, manual machines, both seam welding and shrinking take place simultaneously.

The result is an outstanding pack appearance that also protects the product.

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