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Automatic vacuum thermo-sealing machine with protective gas function

General Features:

Our automatic tray sealing machine type BS 47 is equipped with vacuum and protective gas function to allow the production of MAP packages. Important parameters can be set and stored through the user-friendly touch screen. An integrated light barrier recognizes pre-printed foil and starts the optimum positioning of the foil.


> Sealing tools in single, double and triple versions.

> Easy and fast change of sealing tools.

> Made of stainless steel AISI 304 and Peraluman aluminium.

> Protection degree IP55.


> Pre-printed foil is automatically recognized and correctly positioned.

> Tray presence check on loading plane with automatic start of the sealing process.

> Seal foil spool hygienically protected during loading and passage.

> Automatic feeding and rest foil collector device.


> Machine operated by Siemens touch screen panel and PLC.

> Automatic temperature regulation of the sealing plate.

> Different programs and tray depths to choose from.

MAP function:

> Vacuum and gas controlled by a digital vacuum gauge which is controlled by PLC.

> Equipped with gas storage unit to guarantee optimal pressure.

> Security valve to make possible use of gas with high oxygen percentage (O2_>21%).

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