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Pitpack 1006
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Compact high speed vertical packaging machine

Vertical packaging machine Pitpack 1006 is designed to package a wide range of loose, free flowing, powdery, granulated and small piece products into three seam bags, formed from thermo sealed film. Pitpack 1006 is a different version of a high speed vertical machine Pitpack 1005 M. It has less optional units and more compact dimensions (it’s lower), which can be useful for certain products and also fit into lower workrooms.

Products to be packed:

Loose and small piece products: grains, pasta, dried fruits, snacks, tea, coffee beens, candies, sugar, salt, etc. Powdery products: dry milk, flour, starch, cocoa powder, etc. Frozen products: seafood, berries and vegetables, ready-to-cook foods, etc. Non-food products: dry household chemicals, bath salts, seeds, soil, fertilizers, animal food, etc.

General Features:

> Bag forming unit

> Longitudinal and cross sealing units

> Control system (fit to work with any filler)

> Photo mark sensing unit (photo-cell)

> Film unwinding device

> Film tension device

> Film broaching device

> Film compensation device (during broaching)

> Pneumatic system

> Date affixing device in cross sealing jaws


> Side fold forming unit

> Flat bottom forming unit

> Euroslot cutting device

> Holder cutting device

> Clipping device

> Cliche/Ink printer

> Inert gas injection system

> Impulse sealing unit

> Dust exhaust system

> Static charge killer

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