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Filling Line 1500
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Automatic filling line 1500

Automatic filling line 1500 is designed for automatic filling (weighing/volumetric filling) still liquids (water, antefreezing agent, liquid glass cleaner etc.) into PET-bottles up to 5l and twisting them with plastic caps with guard collar for contact with food products.

Products to be packed:

Water, antefreezing agent, liquid glass cleaner, liquid soap, oils, alcohol-containing liquids etc.

General Features:

> Bottles feeding manually/with pneumatic conveyor
> Weighing filling
> no bottle – no filling
> no bottle – no capping
> no cap – no capping
> Kinematical speed: 1500 bottles/ h


> Close chamber for preventing outer pollutant falling into filling area;
> Close chamber with sterile air feeding (HEPA filter);
> Level filling;
> Volumetric filling (piston fillers)
> Unit of caps UV treatment before capping

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