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Pastpack R
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Pastpack R Rotary

Automatic rotary tray sealing machines.

The automatic rotary machine “Pastpack R” is designed for dose filling liquid and pasty products in plastic containers with their further sealing with aluminum varnished foil or polymeric film and capping. In Servo complectation the rotary table is servo motorized, which provides higher performance and a row of extra optionals.

Products to be packaged:
Liquid and pasty products containing soft, easy deformable additives up to 10 mm: cream, sour cream, kefir, yogurt, dairy desserts with toppings, curd, cream cheese, butter, margarine, spreads.

Types of packaging:
Plastic cups or trays of different shape and size.

> Performances up to 40 ppm with a compact machine size.
> Structure in corrosion-resistant materials that are allowed for the production   in the dairy industry.
> Accessories from leading manufacturers (Festo, SMC, Omron, Bender,   Schneider Electric, etc.).
> Controlling system provides ability to connect additional network devices   (dispensers, pump stations, etc.).
> Color touch screen (LS Industrial Systems, 7,2’’; optionally Festo, LG,   Siemens, Allen Bradley), interface in 7 major languages.
> The machine can be equipped with various types of dispensers and   additional options, depending on the product and production needs.

Standard accessories:
> Container placing unit with the optical sensor.
> Product hopper 29L.
> Liquid volumetric filler.
> Foil placing unit with the vacuum sensor.
> Foil sealing unit with the foil deforming device.
> Date printing device.
> Electric cabinet.
> PLC.

> Plastic cap placing unit.
> Discharge conveyor (plate or belt).
> Cup size changing set.
> A set of heads for different products.
> Service tank heater.
> UV lamp.
> Very viscous products filling system.
> Sealing unit to seal cups with film in roll (with cutting along cup edge).

Servo version:
> The rotary table is servo driven what provides higher performances, better   dynamics of table rotation, and longer operating life of mechanisms.
> Possibility to install a sealing unit to seal cups with a film from a roll with   cutting along cups edge – the cost efficient way of capping comparing to   sealing with a foil.
> Possibility to control dose weight from PLC.

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