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Metal Shark in Meat
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Metal Detectors METAL SHARK IN MEAT for bulk sausage and sausage filling machines

METAL SHARK IN MEAT metal detectors are designed to reliably detect metal contaminants in sausage.
The sensitive sensors detect even the smallest of metal contaminants. METAL SHARK IN MΕΑΤ are placed between the dosing system and the filling nozzle or the clip placement module. Version with automatic rejection system available.

  • 100% made of stainless steel - sturdy construction and easy to clean
  • Fixed or floor-standing wheeled machine version, with adjustable height and an easy dismantling procedure
  • Stable detection performance even with changes in product composition or temperature.
  • Maintenance-free through automatic balance and calibration control
  • Special sensor head version with the ability to operate on multiple alternative frequencies.
  • Storage capacity for up to 250 different programs
  • Ability to connect with a variety of vacuum filling systems from world renowned manufacturers (Handtmann, Frey, Vemag etc)
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