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Metal Detectors METAL SHARK HQ/HW with conveyor for packaged and bulk products
  • 100% made of stainless steel - sturdy construction and easy to clean
  • Fixed or floor-standing wheeled machine version, with adjustable height and an easy dismantling procedure
  • Stable detection performance even with changes in product composition or temperature.
  • Different belt types and dimensions, depending on the specifications of the products
  • Special sensor head version with the ability to operate on multiple alternative frequencies.
  • Storage capacity for up to 250 different programs
  • Various rejection systems available: AirJet, transversal or linear rejection unit, flip arm, retreating beltnose, flapping roller tables and others
  • IP protection class IP65, with Low Pressure Washdown (LPW) or High Pressure Washdown (HPW) option higher IP ratings possible
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